How To Write Blog And Earn Money | 2021 Ultimate Guide

How To Write Blog And Earn Money | 2021 Ultimate Guide

Trying to find out How To Write Blog And Earn Money? I mean, as much as it is fun to start a blog, I don’t think there are many people who want to earn at least a little income from their blog!

But how do you actually monetize your blog? Do you just throw a bunch of popup ads and call it a day? Well… you can. In this post, I am going over the whole heap of ideas to make money with a blog.

I will cover everything from the most popular methods (which you may already be familiar with) to some of the niche methods below that may not have already been considered. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

The best thing is that you can use multiple monetization ideas at the same time to create a truly diversified income stream from your blog.

How To Write Blog And Earn Money

Top Trending Blog Niche 2021 | Ultimate

How To Write Blog And Earn Money

> The BLOGHow To Write Blog And Earn Money

It is good to start a blog. To start your own blog you can use my step-by-step guide here. Just purchase a custom domain or start it with free domain providers websites like Wix etc. And there are also many more methods that will help you in starting a blog post like on, it is totally free but with limited options. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

> Valuable Content

To create a strong platform, you will need to create valuable content for your readers. Bringing value to your readers is the best way to make blogging a profession. That will make your readers come again and again.

> Write regularly

We create large cheerleaders for regular, planned content using tools such as editorial calendars, something like this. Whenever they go, search engines and readers have to write something new.

> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn what good SEO is all about, and the steps you can take to do it. Get plugins, do research, do the writing. Be patient.

> Guest blogging

Writing on other blogs is a great way to tap into their audience and introduce yourself to new people. Find blogs that you enjoy reading and for which you can write great content. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

> Confidence

If you want to monetize your blog, it is necessary to trust your audience. People don’t buy things just by seeing an item, they buy from people they trust. You can gain the trust of your audience by creating valuable content and building authority. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

You can then develop a relationship with your audience by showing that you really care. Do things professionally which helps in building trust with your readers. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

If you want to take your blog to the next level, having a blog, providing valuable content, and building content-trust with your audience is essential. However, if you want to do money blogging successfully, then you will need to develop a game plan and develop your blog as a business.

Best Website On The Web

Start a blog

Starting it

If you are making it full-time then you should have to do lot of research, hard work on learning to make is successful. Making Money Blogging is not easy and involves a lot of work behind the scenes.

You need to learn email marketing, branding, sales, social media, SEO and more. When I first started blogging, I had zero knowledge of these things and did not know anything about online marketing. I learned this stuff over time and I am still learning more every day!

Many new bloggers start blogs about “how to blog” as they see other successful bloggers at this place. However, these new bloggers usually do not have any prior blogging experience and relive what other bloggers have already said. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

This makes it very difficult to stand out from the crowd because these new bloggers are unable to establish their own voice or draw from their expertise or experience while writing content. The reality is that many of these successful bloggers have not started blogging about “how to blog”.

How To Earn Money Online From Home 3 Easy Ways

Results will come soon

Everyone’s blogging timeline will be slightly different when it comes to making money. Some bloggers start earning a few dollars in the first month of their blogging, while other bloggers have not started making any money in their blogging journey for six months (or more).

I started my website initially as a hobby-blog and did not focus on monetizing my blog until it was six years into my blog journey. Now I earn a consistent income each month from blogging. It takes time to make money from your blog. If you are hoping to start a blog and make thousands of dollars immediately, then you are about to be disappointed.

How To Write Blog And Earn Money | 2021 Ultimate Guide
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How To Write Blog And Earn Money

Let’s Talk About The Ways

Let’s talk about the different ways that you can actually use to monetize your blog for making money:

+ Affiliate marketing

Let’s start with one of the biggest wealth creators for bloggers… people who are not often familiar with regulars: How To Write Blog And Earn Money

The Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you are paid to link or otherwise recommend products or services if someone buys a product as a result of clicking from your site. When someone buys after visiting your site, you will get a percentage or flat-rate commission.

For example, you can write a product review blog post and pay if someone buys it as a result of your review. An example of this in action is like Godaddy hosting review which used for making websites.

If someone signs from that review to the Godaddy website, the blog owner will earn a small commission. Or, you can always curate or mention multiple products at a time.

How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks 2021

The important thing here is that the customer still gets the same price, whether they buy something based on the affiliate recommendation or directly from the seller. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

So how can you find these affiliate opportunities?

One way is to look for an affiliate link in the companies website footer. A good percentage of businesses have such links and you can find out about their affiliate program.

Another approach is to sign up on affiliate networks (a collection of affiliate programs). Some good networks are:

  • Amazon
  • Jvzoo
  • Clickbank

sell your own products online

+ Sell ​​Your Own Digital Products

On your blog, you can sell various digital products like:

  • Ebooks
  • Graphics and digital art
  • Softwares
  • Stock photos
  • Printables and Templates

E-books are the most common digital product to start selling. Articles and blog posts can easily be converted into e-books that can be sold to make money. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

How To Write Blog And Earn Money | 2021 Ultimate Guide

But you need to have expertise on the subject matter and there should be readers who trust that the book will be a useful purchase.

6 Ultimate Alternatives to YouTube in 2021

Google Adsense
Image Credit: Google AdSense
How To Write Blog And Earn Money
How To Write Blog And Earn Money | 2021 Ultimate Guide
Google Adsense

+ Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the easiest and most used way to monetize your blog. You just need to get Adsense account approval and allocate spaces to show ads.

Do you think using Google Adsense earns by influencing the user experience? And that too for just a few dollars. Yes, I am not recommending Google Adsense as it is not the right way to monetize.

Placing a lot of advertisements gives the user a bad experience and makes your website bulky. You rarely earn $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 per CPC. In India, your CPC can touch a maximum of $ 0.12.

You lose a valuable visitor as soon as a reader click on the ads. We have added Google AdSense in this article to make money from blogs because many bloggers monetize their blogs with Google Adsense.

How to Make a WordPress Website in 09 Simple Steps
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How To Write Blog And Earn Money

+ Other Advertising Platform

Sometimes you may not get Google Adsense account approval because Google has very strict and stringent Terms of Service (TOS).

In such a scenario you can use other non-Google advertising platforms. But some of them having requirements of high traffic.

In my view ads placement isn’t work without website traffic, if you have traffic then you can earn well. Otherwise getting approval isn’t worth it.

These platforms have easier approval terms than Adsense but give you less traffic. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

Some other platforms you can use to make money are:

  • Infolinks
  • PropellerAds Media

How to place ads on your blog

+ Direct Display Advertising for Customer

Google Adsense and other advertising platforms make sense when you are just starting out.

But once you have a brand, online visibility, and good traffic, you can reach advertisers directly which will help you earn more from the same ad-space.

Brands also try to reach you according to your NICHE for their product advertisement. You can usually earn by displaying banner ads of companies at the top of your blog.

Each reader’s information is called a “lead”. And as long as you are transparent about it, you can collect this information and sell it to other companies. You are basically connecting an interested person (lead) to a company that suits their requirement…

Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks 2021

earn money online from coaching others

+ Provide Counseling or Coaching Services

If you are not looking to become a freelance blogger, another way you can use your blog to sell services is to offer consulting or coaching services. The principle is similar, but you are selling your time instead of your writing.

For example, GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) runs a popular WordPress blog, he is world-famous influencers, brand maker, strategist & digital marketing guru, he uses to sell his consulting services.

Coaching services

Basically – you use your blog content to establish your expertise – then monetize in consultation.

how to make job portal website

+ Create a Job Board

If you have a large audience of people interested in a specific subject, then you can use that audience to create a job portal in your niche. Then, you can charge companies to post job advertisements to their target audience.

A best example of this is ProBlogger’s Job Board. Companies looking for freelance bloggers pay problogger money for the privilege of posting job ads:

Create a job portal website.

How to get millions of traffic to your website 2021

how to make shopify store from WordPress

+ Sell Products through eCommerce

If the audience of your blog is more casual than business-oriented, you can make good money selling physical goods through an e-commerce store. For example, apparel is a huge seller for blogs that are more skewed towards humor and entertainment. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

One of the most successful examples of this is The Flipkart Store. It sells a vast variety of apparel.

how to make a niche specified website

+ Sponsor Ads

A sponsored post is a blog post for which you are paid to publish on your blog. This is a one-time activity where you can write a sponsored post on companies’ products and services on your blog and make money.

Various companies approach bloggers for a sponsored post to advertise and reach new audiences.

Brands here reach out to bloggers for the Long Term Association, where you collaborate multiple times and in many ways through blogs, social media platforms such as FB, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest.

You participate in workshops or promotional events organized by the company to connect with people and get to know about products in depth.

The collaboration covers various aspects of the company and its products. This includes mentioning their vision, core values, and brands in your videos, social media, blog posts. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

Here are some tips to get you started with sponsored posts:

  • Clean your blog and make it look professional
  • Build your audience
  • Write about products that are useful to readers
  • See what other blogs with similar traffic charges


how to start a podcast in 2020

+ Podcast Advertising

If you have a blog, then you must have a podcast. Many bloggers use podcasts for their blog in audio form and just upload the audio file at the end of most posts. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

A smart blogger reproduces its content as much as possible on different platforms and different types of media. Many podcasters offered $ 800 – $ 1,200 per episode. You can usually make $ 20 – $ 50 for every 1,000 episodes downloaded. Just start it.

how to get paid for product reviews

+ Paid Product Review

At the time of new product launch, companies look for bloggers and influencers for product reviews to increase product awareness to increase sales. Influencers with a large audience base can help with viral publicity.

When you write a product review post you can earn a fixed commission or as a percentage of revenue. It helps your audience to buy useful products.

But before jumping on the reviews just check that;

  • Product fits the theme of your blog
  • The product you are reviewing provides value to the audience
  • Close any unethical company request
  • Check deliverable like the number of words, links and social media sharing How To Write Blog And Earn Money

Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks 2021

How flipping website works

+ Make Money by Flipping Website

In website flipping, first, you buy an existing website and add value by improving its content, giving professional design, optimizing for search engines. Thereby attracting more traffic, improving engagement, and revenue. Later, you sell it for 30x or more and make money.

Flipping websites begin with buying one. Therefore you need to invest money. Also to increase its value requires skill to pick up websites with time and expertise. When you are starting out I would not suggest flipping the website because you will lose money if you are wrong.


Hope you have got enough knowledge from this post. Putting everything in one post isn’t possible, but using little good knowledge and make big from it is an art of doing things. There are many more for learning, internet is full of valuable content the key thing is reaching to it.

This is all about this blog “How To Write Blog And Earn Money”.

Thanks for reading. How To Write Blog And Earn Money

How To Write Blog And Earn Money

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How To Write Blog And Earn Money

H Sharma

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