How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks 2020

How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks 2020

Are you eager to know “How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks”. Writing and publishing eBooks is a great way to earn money from your writing because you can write them on your computer and then publish them digitally. This leaves you free to write more eBooks.

This is one of the best ways which digital marketer use to grow their revenue by sharing their knowledge online. You can also earn money online to sell other people’s e-books.

There are many ways to earn money online, whether you have your own books to sell or not. But without your own e-books, you are not completely in control of what you are doing.

I have been an affiliate marketer for years and find it an easy and enjoyable way to earn money. But because I am selling eBooks that are not mine, I have no control over them.I was once promoting an affiliate product that was an eBook course to be inspiring.

how to make money online

How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks

I was happily marketing for authors who lacked confidence and explained how this product could help them write more persuasive sales pages so that they could sell more books.

Everything was going well with this course for a few years and I was doing regular sales. Then one day, while I was checking the links on my website, I came to know that the links to this product were broken.

I checked it and guess what? The product was withdrawn from the market and was no longer available.

I didn’t know how long it went, and I couldn’t understand why it was a frequent seller. But now it was done and there was nothing I could do except removes all the content about it from my website.

This is why it is better to have your own e-books to sell.

write your own book
How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks

Write your own eBook

E-books are great because they need to be written only once and can be sold again and again, and the whole sales process can be automated so that customers buy and download your eBooks without doing anything – and you make money from every sale automatically.

And even if you have never written an eBook, it is possible to write your own.

How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks
How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks

Where to get ideas

You can write a book on any subject that interests readers. You can also write a book about what you do online.

If you want more ideas, you can browse your local library, magazines, blogs, or you can (on Amazon) browse the same kind of books you want to write so that you can include what else .

Readers’ reviews are a great source of what readers liked and (most importantly) what they didn’t like about the book. It is amazing how many ideas you can get after starting an online browsing book.

Some authors use their own websites as inspiration and rewrite all their online content and expand their articles into e-book chapters. Other eBook authors do it another way. They write their own e-book and commission an article to put each chapter on their website to help promote it.

Sell your eBook online
How To Make Money Online by Writing eBooks

Sell ​​Your eBook

Once your eBook is written and published, you will need to spend some time marketing it. It is best to have a marketing plan before writing your book, as it saves time later and you can also pre-market it so that people are eager to buy it as soon as it is available.

And your e-books should not be very big. Some authors make money by writing only 20 to 30 pages and selling them as 99 percent Kindle eBooks.

And what they find is that as long as this book is packed with inspirational and usable information, or they have written a fascinating work of fiction, readers love their eBooks, so they keep buying more .

And if you can’t write a book yourself, you can always outline your chapters and appoint a freelance writer to write it. But whatever you choose to do it, selling your own eBooks is a win.

You win because you make money on your own and your customers win because they buy a great eBook and get instant access to it.

So don’t wait any longer

Start writing and publishing great eBooks. Want to write and publish an eBook by this time next week and start selling? Can you imagine how good it would be to have a writer published 7 days from now?

With ‘The 7 Day eBook Writing and Publishing System’ you will have your first eBook written, published, and earned money in just one week.

Not only that, but this amazing course walks you through the entire process seamlessly, and the bonus chapters show you how to write a short report or eBook in just 2 hours. This is right. Sit now and your brief report or eBook is finished in just 2 hours.

Click the link below to know how to write a eBook in just 7 days: Here

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