How to Make a WordPress Website in 09 Simple Steps

How to Make a WordPress Website in 09 Simple Steps

Want to make your presence online! You are at the right place to know How to Make a WordPress Website in 09 simple and easy ways to make a Dynamic looking website.

WordPress is the easiest and simplest platform which gives user’s plenty of tools to play with and make a unique website with it.

Now, you are thinking it’s that easy! what about the technical part about the installation, themes, and other basic things. How do I do that? Don’t worry you are at the right place by clicking the headline ” How to Make a WordPress Website in Simple Steps“.

Here we are giving you an 8 Steps guide, which is simple to understand each and every part of making a WordPress website from scratch.


How to Make a WordPress Website in 09 Simple Steps


Step 1: Niche Selection

Varitechs Light house

Have you thought of any name for your website, if you are making it for an existing business or doing some personal interest then choose it accordingly? But if you are trying to make a new blog that will break the Internet by the flawless information you put in and stuck in choosing a particular Niche then choose a Niche from our “Trending Blog Niche in 2020” post which will be work as a lighthouse to you.

Step 2: Pick a domain which defines your site

Like the Niche, selection Domain is also very much important which defines your website & content. Which makes your website easily searchable and reachable to your targeted audience, It will also help your website to rank globally. Maybe you stuck on .com because almost every common name has already registered which a normal human can think but don’t worry these days we have plenty of domains like:

.net .co .info .live .fit .digital .today .one .agency .shop .care etc.

Step 3: Buy hosting online

How to Make a WordPress Website

These days, there is a variety of hosting providers in the market who are giving lots of offers to join their servers. But you have to choose one which is reliable for you in terms of money, security & on time. On-time means never get down, they also have their assistance also which will help you to connect your domain with hosting, and also they will assist you in designing your website too. Every hosting provider also has lots of tutorials which will help you in setting up all the things. Here is a list of hosting providers like Hostinger, GoDaddy, NameCheap, Bigrock, etc.

Step 4: Install WordPress

After setting up all the stuff like domain & hosting, Now time to install WordPress by following some simple steps. There are lots of videos available that are very simply guiding the process of installation. Set up your admin user name and password by which you can access your website backend.

Step 5: Choose a WordPress theme

Next, you have to settle on a design theme for your WordPress site. There are heaps of subjects accessible, running from completely allowed to as much as several dollars. While choosing your theme, attempt to guarantee that it bonds well for both the subject of your site just as the design and substance you intend to distribute.

Step 6: Install plugins | How to Make a WordPress Website

Plugins are the main key elements that enrich your website & raw content into dynamic and presentable to the world. Plugins are written in the PHP scripting language. And these plugins also give you leverage to pre-designed elements which will ease your website to work. Like contact forms plugin which allows your visitors to connect you just putting a small pre-made code into your website page. These plugins also having the power to assist you in ranking your page on search engines etc.

Step 7: Make administrative pages

Significant pages incorporate your contact page, about page, privacy, and disclaimer page. Get these off the beaten path before you center around adding substance to your site – all things considered, it’s simpler to include them now than later, when you’re finished distributing the entirety of the other, additionally energizing stuff! These pages additionally serve to ensure both you and your site guests. Continue reading if want to know the complete 09 steps about How to Make a WordPress Website.

Step 8: Publish your post one by one

After you get the significant managerial pages distributed, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin including fascinating content. Whatever your niche, you need to ensure you incorporate a lot of valuable content for your perusers. Make your pages outwardly rich and further, focus on it to continue including new content a normal premise. In the event that blogging, add in any event one picture to every single post. In addition to the fact that this gives your perusers something to nail to Pinterest, it additionally makes your content all the more engaging. Regardless of whether you choose to include content day by day, week by week, or month to month, making a content schedule will help keep you progressing nicely.

Step 9: Marketing, Updating & Backup

Market your content on different social media channels to increase your website footfall, which will encourage you to write more.

Keep updating your website regularly, WordPress, and all plugin making firms keep updating their valuable assets.

Most important thing is to take a backup of your complete website which will keep you on the safer side.

Have you ever thought that these simple 9 steps will solve your quest “How to Make a WordPress Website”?

Keep Smiling


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