6 Ultimate Alternatives to YouTube in 2020

6 Ultimate Alternatives to YouTube in 2020

You know there are many alternatives to youtube present in the market. We all know “YouTube” is the undisputed leader among video portals and can be confidently described as the top dog in the industry: over a billion users surf on YouTube, which is nearly a third of all Internet users.

There is no question about it; Youtube has been recognized as an effective marketing tool. Videos can be uploaded with just a few clicks and can easily be embedded on any external website using automatically generated HTML code. Its range of features and ease of use make it difficult for competing portals to get their foot on the door, but what exactly are YouTube’s options? Alternatives to YouTube

Some options include services such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, Flickr, and Metacafe, which provide a variety of options for private and professional users to post or view content. Here is an overview of five YouTube options and their advantages and disadvantages.

alternatives to youtube
Alternatives to YouTube


Dailymotion is a video portal in France and currently has one of the best YouTube options, particularly in its home country wherein 2015 the active limit of users was 23%. In international comparison, no other service can claim such a notable value. This means that in France, Dailymotion is just behind YouTube (with an active limit of 57%).

The situation is similar in many other countries, where Dailymotion finds itself in second place, just behind YouTube. The company estimates its number of users worldwide to be around 300 million. Each month 3.5 billion videos are played on Dailymotion.

Dailymotion has an advantage with its upload specifications: video files can be up to up to 60 minutes in length and 2GB in size. Several video and audio formats are supported, so that uploaders can choose between .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4, .avi, and .wm files.

Users are recommended to use video codec and audio codec, details are on the website. Codec’s helps in delivering quality video and audio content. Up to 1080p (Full HD) resolution is possible. It’s compatible for those who particularly suitable for those uploaders seeking: large files are welcome by the image quality.

The layout is clear and intuitive. The way the elements are organized is similar to its biggest competitor, YouTube – anyone who makes the switch will easily find their way. Embedding and sharing videos on external platforms is also very simple: just one click and HTML code are generated automatically. Alternatives to YouTube

Dailymotion has a well-managed platform as well as a section for videos. There are more features for ‘partners’ as it is not only on YouTube that you can make money. It gives you advantage to earn money with videos on Dailymotion, adjust the player, and oversee revenue with analytics tools.

This makes Dailymotion one of the best options for YouTube, especially for bloggers who want to pay for their content on a paid basis or offer separate premium content.

If you want to use Dailymotion’s website monetization, you can activate your site to allow it or embed a special widget from the provider. Some notable partners already participate in the event, including CNN.

Dailymotion offers an impressive range of apps: the YouTube option is used on many smart TVs, set-top boxes, and Sony Playstation 4s, and can be viewed comfortably from the couch. The service can also be used through iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Alternatives to YouTube

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youtube alternatives in 2020


For many, Flickr actually allows users on the platform to upload content such as videos for others to check. While there are size restrictions during upload, the video has a home on Flickr. That said, the site is not strong enough to support many video features, but it manages to pull the video option smoothly. Alternatives to YouTube

To get started, you can create your own free account and qualify for the option to upload 90-second videos to Flickr. Despite this drawback, Flickr is an excellent YouTube option that has won over fans for consecutive years.

We also particularly love it with the clean and intuitive user interface, which is welcome for newbies.

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vimeo video platform
Alternatives to YouTube


Vimeo is an American video service launched in 2004 and specializes in artistically ambitious videos. It was founded by filmmakers and directors, who wanted to provide a distribution platform for their type of work. For example, a lot of influential short videos, documentaries, and even music videos can be found on this platform.

If you are interested in independent production, Vimeo offers one of the highest quality YouTube options. Vimeo has approximately 170 million viewers and 42 million of them in the United States. Websites using this platform include thewirecutter.com and marriott.com.

Vimeo claims to be an exchange platform for creative minds, which is reflected on the website: here you can watch the curated video, presented as an interactive gallery. Accordingly, the service provides its users with a liberal framework for video uploads, which are top-quality. The basic version is free and allows up to 500 MB uploads per week.

It provides you leverage increases to 20 GB per week with ‘Vimeo Pro’ and 5 GB per week with ‘Vimeo Plus’, where you can also publish short films in 4K Ultra-HD resolution. There are no uploading limitations while uploading a video in the pro account as well as in a normal account. If a video exceeds 60 FPS during upload, only image data is automatically reduced.

The Pro version allows you to add up to three team members to your account, customize the player, and sell content by video on demand. 90% of the transaction costs are paid to the manufacturer.

There is also a comprehensive package with various tools, analytics programs, and a completely ad-free user interface. For Commercial use, you get up to 5 TB (Terabytes) of storage space with ‘Vimeo Business’ with no weekly restrictions. Ten team members can use marketing and workflow tools with such an account. Alternatives to YouTube

Vimeo offers various usage models: free registration or paid registration with an ad-free package for different needs.

In addition, several video tutorials are located in the Help Center, which provides support when exporting from the most popular video editing programs – including QuickTime, Windows Live Movie Maker, and iMovie.

Vimeo primarily talks to professional filmmakers, marketing managers, and artists. This, in turn, means that many of the main features of this YouTube alternative have to be paid for.

The free version provides the benefit of creating multiple apps using content: Vimeo is also available on mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. In addition, the service can be used on various devices in your living room, e.g.

Chromecast, or smart TVs from manufacturers such as Panasonic, and Samsung. Vimeo’s capable community is to provide useful assistance and valuable feedback on video uploads.

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metacafe video platform


The video platform Metacafe was founded in 2012 as an alternative to YouTube and Dailymotion, but today it specialized in offering thoroughly entertaining short clips, a concept that is particularly well received in the US. The predominantly male user community enjoys original content ranging from cat videos and juggling, pranks, and vehicle breakdowns. Around 12 million users visit the YouTube option, according to the website.

Users have the opportunity to create personalized videos, playlists, and image galleries. All the content is prepared in such a way that you can easily share, like, and comment on various social networks with just a click of the mouse. Alternatives to YouTube

Metacafe – Entertaining clips for Now and Again.

The website is funded by advertising and provides user-generated content as well as content from professional media partners. The advertiser has the opportunity to present their brands and products in entertaining video clips. It is mostly suited to advertisers in the entertainment, food, telecommunications, home electronics, and automobility sectors.

Metacafe tries to stand out from other video platforms by offering unlimited uploading. Membership is free. Registration can be done directly on the Metabase website or through a Facebook account. For Android users, an app is available through Google Play.

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Twitch best streaming app
Alternatives to YouTube


One YouTube option that is particularly popular with gamers is Twitch, a live streaming portal that focuses on video games and e-sports.

Twitch.tv went online as a beta version on 6 June 2011 and had already attracted 46 million viewers per month on nearly 6 million channels. In 2014, Amazon acquired the company for the US $ 980 million, and since 2016, Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of “Twitch Prime”.

The service offers free games and subscriptions, game loot, and ad-free streaming. Since 2015, the video portal has held an annual conference called TwitchCon, which takes place in several US cities during the fall season.

In short, Twitch has a similar concept to YouTube: content is free for all. By registering for free via e-mail or Facebook, users can use additional features, such as adding friends, chat functions, or following certain channels – all of which adds to the strong social aspect of the service.

All registered users can stream all content. For those not playing through PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, all you need is appropriate software such as open broadcaster software. An affinity is not necessary for gaming – user-generated content is a core component of Twitch, which includes professional streams of large e-sport events.

Twitch – An Eldorado for gaming fans. Alternatives to YouTube

Additionally, professional and large channels have the opportunity to earn money through Twitch’s partner or affiliate program. To be invited, streamers must meet certain conditions: for example, a user’s streaming activity must be regular and have a certain audience.

In return, as a dreamer in the affiliate program, you have the option of offering separate membership packages for a fee or participating in the cheer program. Charing allows users to purchase so-called bits to support their favorite channel.

The affiliate program offers the opportunity to embed advertisements, making Twitch a profitable platform for gamers with professional content and ambitions.

The main difference between Twitch and YouTube comes down to the fact that there are only live videos on Twitch as opposed to videos recorded on YouTube. In addition, most content revolves around gaming and e-sports.

For fans of League of Legends, World of Walkers, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and so on, Twitch can be a real treasure, while for those not doing so in gaming, the stage can be very seamless.

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Wix video selling platform

Wix video

Wix Video is an amazing platform on which you can not only post your videos but also sell your videos. The platform makes you available to purchase your videos with a one-time payment or monthly subscription. YouTube allows monthly subscriptions for over 100,000 subscribers for a fixed rate of $ 4.99 / month. Personal videos are sold only for movies and TV shows. Alternatives to YouTube

The free Wix video scheme comes with almost all the features of the app, including ad-free video and mobile optimization. But you can upgrade to a premium plan (starting at $ 9 / month) to show 30+ minutes of video.

One caveat in using the Wix video is that your site needs to be created through Wix. If you are using a website builder, there is no reason to consider using this budget-friendly hosting platform.

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